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ChaoticSilence by sickntwisted ChaoticSilence by sickntwisted
This thing has been facing the wall for a few many months now, but today I pulled it out and finished it...... :p Atleast I think its finished. Maybe not.. But Im throwing it up here anywho. FOR YOUR DAMN VIEWING PLEASURE!!


I think I have some scrap stuff lying about too... Hmm. :o
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KaveriGeewhiz Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2009  Professional General Artist
Gorgeous.the mouth,the curled outward toes,and the ruby little heart.
fattitude2001 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
gagatka27 Featured By Owner May 31, 2006  Professional General Artist
DEfinetly :+fav: LOVE it!!!!
ihatemusic Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2006  Student

BunnyBennett Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
I'm still, still amazed at your swirlies. You're one of the few who does justice to them. ;)
sickntwisted Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2005
Thank you, mister. :)
Uglymuffintop Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2005
A very unique design indeed. I love the eye collage within the birdcage. This even gets me thinking a bit on some of its symbols. Does the heart showing outside of the creature's body represent a ideal of going with your heart's desire rather than with knowledge or logic? Could the stitched up mouth show a sign of shyness? Does the missing (transparent) stomach indicate a sense of emptiness and despair? And lastly, do the eyes within the cage act as judges, only to never more or less touch your soul?

^^; I know. I'm not even sure those meanings even fit the picture's perspective. But a lovely picture nonetheless. :D
sickntwisted Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2005
o-o ...My brain is so slow at the moment so I wont even try to answer those questions. Only thing I have to say is, the heart is inside its head, not on the outside.

Thank you though. :O
Uglymuffintop Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2005
Oops. My mistake. ^^; But it's all right if you can't answer them now. I think someone else already ask these same questions. I just noticed when I posted my comment. So, my bad. :ohmygod:
sweetangeleyes Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2005   Writer
I love it! I can't say exactly what it is that draws me 5to this, but I am drawn nonetheless! nice work!
drawerx Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2005
Oh man, that is one of the most creative, and actively twisted artworks ive seen, it has the extrange naturality that a great work need, good work man, the technique is really impresive :D
sizjam Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2005
very cool :) I love your style of art,do you have any plans for posters in the range of 60cm x 45cm ?
honeypamela Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2005   Traditional Artist
you are the illustrator, as it is said from mine place, with the "controcazzi"... that is "much good"

good!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Naomis-Evil-Twin Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2005
ohlala i love it! :-D the eyes are very very neat-o
Daviegunn Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2005
Great piece. WOnderful colour and shading... wel done!
ilustrowana Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2005
It's great.
gwendydd Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
very nice.
it's good to soething new from you
Yollanda Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
Im so happy to see again You and Your art :)
Its a great picture :)
buttericin Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2005  Student
you are god. nice to see you back in action :)
enoshite Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2005
ohh...its so F$%^ ur style.
it reminds me of beetlejuice
Risikaa Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2005
Ahhh.. welcome back, m'dear!!
A pleasure to see you have put up more artwork, and as always, it is simply mindblowing. Fabulous.. I love everything about it. :heart:
violentreaction Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2005
really great piece. you are so very tallented, your gonna be big. anywho, i love all the metaphores you throw into your art. tis great :headbang:
cinny Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2005
Well I hope it's finished, because if it gets any better I'll start feeling REALLY inadequate! Hahaha.

I love it.
alshemi Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2005  Professional Filmographer
you are great.
jaakobou Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2005
love the texture... i need to find a way to make such
texture digitally since i'm afraid to get my hands dirty .. :shrug:

actually my hands suck and i really need the undo/ctrl+'Z' option :XD:

.. btw, i think i'll give your image another try soon :faint:

sickntwisted Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2005
All you need is a cheap nail.... Thingy. I have no idea what you call it. Anywho! I used that to remove paint from the cardboard and that gave it a rather messy texture. I loooove it. :D

You didnt have that much left on me, did you? oO
chokeontears Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2005
this is just wonderful. the concept behind it is great, and the actualy piece itself is fantastic to look at. i adore your stripey fines and lovely little characters. a fave for sure.
deaf-leopard Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2005
Besides the sheer awesomeness of character design, the amount of thought put into the symbolism is very impressive. Favorited.
strang3antis0cial Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2005
Charlie-Brown Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
three things really make me like this picture (apart from your awsum style)
1 the heart in the head that means, to me, thinking without logic and basicly thinking with your heart and not with your brain.
2 the stitched up mouth showing lack of expression or maybe repression or shyness
and 3 the transparent tummy showing emptyness or that someone has taken everything away.

I guess the eyes in a cage represent other people... forever judging yet when it comes down to it they more or less cannot touch you.

I'd like to see some more work doen on this but at the same time I like the semi unfinished-ness :)

p.s. nice to see something from you again, tis always a pleasure.
sickntwisted Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2005
I love you now.

And same here.. I want to do more on this thing, but Im afraid Ill kill it. :\
Charlie-Brown Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist

heh, I know the feeling... I always make a mess of my traditional art. :(

Do you know about [link]?
I think that you could get your characters published in there. :)
sickntwisted Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2005
Oh cool site.. :) Maybe in a year or two when things are less chaotic around me Ill do something bigger with my stuff. But for now things are.. Gah. Too much to doooo...
anagoge Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2005
If only I had the money to buy a print of this.
sickntwisted Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2005
It is not a print!! ....Yet.

Ouh.. :o
Autumn-Sun Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2005
I like it, I like it a lot! You're very talented, you know.
polarischan Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2005  Student
:O that is so cool
i like the eyes in the birdcage
yey, stripies!
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